Our Legal Structure:
​The Congolese Chamber of Commerce in Great-Britain (CCCGB) is a registered company limited by guarantee based in London, United Kingdom.
​[CCCGB LTD - Companies House Reg No 10917964] 
Our Vision:
The vision of the Congolese Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain (CCCGB) is to bridge the United Kingdom (UK) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in trade, investment and business :
  • Promoting the interests of the British-Congolese business community in the UK.

  • Being the point of strategic support for British businesses investing in the DRC.

Our Mission:
Premised upon its vision:
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  1. CCCGB reaches out to businesses owned by citizens of Congolese origin in the UK to offer them different types of assistance, from business advice to networking opportunities, etc. This arm of the vision is named “CCCGB HUB”.

  2. CCCGB encourages any UK-based business or entrepreneur to invest in the DRC by promoting the ease of doing business there, as well as developing partnership between businesses from both countries. This section of the vision is called “CCCGB INVESTMENTS”. The focus is to attract investments that will benefit the investors (i.e. high returns) and the local population in the DRC (i.e. job creation, etc.) in a win-win situation.

Our Services:
  • Information on investment opportunities in the different sectors of the DRC

  • Organisation of seminars, conferences and business dinners

  • Assistance in obtaining visas for the DRC

  • Accompaniment on prospecting mission in the DRC

  • Support for business creation

  • Legal advice

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Support to early-stage and existing Congolese entrepreneurs through capacity building workshops and a close-knit community of entrepreneurs and mentors. 

Meet The Team

Cedric Longange


Adrien Mizuma

Executive Director

Iba Luntadila

Director of Development

Martine Mbuyi Connell

Business Integration

Paul Valery Lumumba

Head of Youth Development

Nancy Katambala

Legal Adviser

Peggy Simos

Chargée de Mission

Marianne Mulangala

DRC Correspondent

Honorary Members

Tim Morrisson

Former Ambassador to the DR Congo

 Strategic International Business Consultant

Nuno Frota

International Lawyer

Karen Taylor

Chief Executive Officer at Invest Africa

Paul Mallard

Former Executive Chairman of the Heathrow Airport AOC

Indigo Ellis

Associate Director at Africa Matters Ltd


Mercy Gilbert

Executive Entrepreneure

Guy Brown

Business Development Associate

Nero Ughwujabo

Special Adviser to Ex-British Prime Minister Theresa May

Susanna Toth

UK-Central Europe Market Entry Consultant

Scott Olden

Special Private Advisor to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals